Tafsir Mimpi Kalajengking

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Berikut ini adalah tafsir mimpi / arti mimpi / makna mimpi mengenai "Kalajengking":

Bermimpi melihat seekor kalajengking. Artinya, ada orang yang mengancam kita.Bermimpi disengat seekor kalajengking. Artinya, akan dikhianati teman sendiri.

UPDATE:Bermimpi membunuh kalajengking. Artinya Anda akan menang atau berhasil mengalahkan musuh Anda.

Scorpion Dream Interpretation / Meanings

Dream of seeing a scorpion. This means that there are people who threaten us.Dreaming stung by a scorpion. That is, will be betrayed by his own friends.

* English translation for this dream interpretation / dream meaning / dream dictionary is provided by Google Translate.


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